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Wedding Reception Venue

Combine Your Wedding Reception Venue with In-House Wedding Planning in Atlanta

The hardest part of having a wedding reception is the planning. Everything must be figured out right down to the bouquets on guests' tables. Larger decor questions, like what sort of room decorations to have and which color scheme you should go with, also must be answered. Then, there's the matter of hiring caterers, choosing menus, making sure that there are options for those with food allergies, getting the right entertainment, hiring a photographer or videographer, and more. Finally, you have to remember the basics. Some venues don't offer tables and chairs, so you have to rent them from a company.

These are just some of the things that you have to deal with if you use the typical wedding reception venue and handle all of the planning yourself. It's no wonder that plenty of people decide to hire someone else to do wedding planning in Atlanta. Despite the name, a wedding planner doesn't just hand you a literal plan, on paper, and walk away. Instead, the planner also handles getting everything set up and in place.

The only way to make it easier than hiring a planner is to use a wedding reception venue that includes reception planning in its services. Then, you don't even have to find an outside planner. You simply choose planning services along with your venue space rental, and they take care of the rest.

At Pryor Engagements, wedding planning in Atlanta is a standard part of their venue rentals. Their planners will work with you to make sure everything is what you envision, including color schemes and flower choices. Then, they do all of the work of getting the right caterers, entertainers, and other staff. All you need to do then is enjoy your special day.

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