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Event Venue

Get More than Empty Space with a Full-Service Event Venue

With some event hosting, you get nothing more than a big room that can hold the number of guests that you expect. These venues leave it up to you to bring in the chairs, do any needed decorating, get your own caterer, and more. Then, when your event is over, it's on you to take everything down and return the room to its empty status.

This isn't how it works with Pryor Engagements in Atlanta. Here, we can take care of everything. You just tell us how you want your space decorated, what foods to provide, and how many guests you're having, and we do all of the work of getting everything set up. We'll even arrange for the entertainment!

Thanks to this full service event hosting, you can concentrate on the personal aspects of getting your event together, such as inviting guests and choosing the clothes you'll wear for the special day.

Many people choose our event venue for weddings thanks to our ability to make everything go smoothly for the reception. Other big events, such as major anniversaries or even company awards shows, are also popular at Pryor Engagements.

Our ability to decorate and host parties just the way you want inspires us to refer to our venue areas as "creative spaces." We can set everything up right down to the floral arrangements on the tables, go with any color scheme you dream up, and bring in entertainment for any music genre.

If you're looking for a top-notch event venue for your wedding or other celebration, contact Pryor Engagements in Atlanta. We'll take all of the work of setting up your event off your hands, so you can just enjoy the big day.

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