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Surprise Proposals! 

Shhhh!!! It's a secret. Please contact us to plan your surprise engagement! We love putting these together. This is the place to book to make this moment special!

Venue Pricing 

Below you will find break down pricing. Here we can build the perfect package for your proposal

Rooftop Venue

Elevate your love story with our Rooftop Engagement Package, a one-hour enchanting experience that captures the essence of romance against the stunning backdrop of the city skyline. Your dreams become reality with a dedicated coordinator ensuring every detail aligns with your vision.

As you step onto the rooftop, the air of anticipation is met with the warmth of our expert event attendant, ready to make your moment seamless and magical. Picture-perfect 'Marry Me' letters stand tall, framing the love that fills the air.

A breathtaking arch adorned with delicate details sets the stage for your proposal, creating an intimate and unforgettable setting. Walk hand-in-hand down a candlelit pathway, where each flickering flame illuminates the path to your forever.

For those desiring an extra touch of personalization or a grander statement, explore our additional upgrade options available on our website. Your rooftop engagement at Pryor Engagements is not just an event; it's the beginning of your forever.

Seize the moment, create memories, and let love take center stage with our Rooftop Engagement Package.


Please Call for Pricing!

Loft Style Indoor Venue

Step into a world of intimate romance with our Indoor Venue Engagement Package, designed to create a cherished moment that will linger in your hearts forever. This one-hour experience is meticulously crafted with love and attention to detail, ensuring your engagement is as unique as your love story.

Your dedicated coordinator will be there every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. Our expert event attendant will add a touch of warmth, making you feel at ease as you embark on this special journey.

In our cozy indoor setting, a carefully designed space awaits you. Imagine exchanging vows beneath a beautifully adorned arch, surrounded by the warmth of the indoors. The atmosphere is set with a candlelit ambiance, casting a romantic glow on your shared moment.

Marry Me letters stand as a symbol of your commitment, creating a backdrop that reflects the depth of your love. The charm of our intimate indoor venue provides the perfect canvas for your proposal.

Explore our additional upgrade options listed on our website to add those personal touches that make this moment uniquely yours. Your Indoor Venue Engagement Package at Pryor Engagements promises not just an event but a timeless memory in the heart of the city.

Cherish the moment, celebrate your love, and let our intimate indoor space witness the beginning of your forever.

Please Call for Pricing!


Additional Add ons

4FT Marry Me Letters

Candlelit walk way

Arch with LED proposal sign

Custom live bouquet and rose petals- Starting at $250

Champagne Wall $75

Private Dinner with Private Chef for 2- Starting at $600

Custom Marry Me Backdrop(keepsake)- $150

Photographer- $100 per hour

Videographer- Will provide contact 

Full Decor for full 6 hour event- Will Provide contact

Neutral Small Cake $75

Please call and ask for pricing for items not listed!

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